Music Widgets

Placing music from others on your website

I recommend that you embed music videos from YouTube or embed a playlist of songs from Mixpod. This is both free and legal and the best options that I have found.

Placing your own music on your website

The first step is to upload your mp3 files (use to convert your music files to mp3) on this page (requires the upgraded version of

The built in music player in looks like this:

This is the basic code to generate the above:

Paste the URL of the mp3 file inside the quotation marks:

Then add the name of the title and name of the artist right after (optional):
&titles=Eine kleine Nachtmusik&artists=Mozart

Now the final code looks like this (without any linebreaks):
##MP3PLAYER URL=" kleine Nachtmusik&artists=Mozart" END MP3##

If you have any question, ask the support.

More options can be seen at the bottom of this page.

(You can also use the Yahoo! Media Player which makes all links to mp3 files playable.)